winter plans changed this year

THis year Diwali dampens due to high price rise in the crackers and all the festival went away with october and nothing in november to celebrate at all chaat and other bakrid etc are not big occassion festival as dashera and diwali which falled this also winter season changing its mood suddenly when it suddenly apperaed and dissapeared from no where and causing people to switch off the fans in the night and morning.


Job or holiday

life could be fun if you can do what ever you want but the problem is you donot always get what you want not in a way that you want it to be . Now for instance take the job ┬áif you are employed you have serious problem getting leave some time you have compromise with situation and other time You have to choose between two of them. Well this Diwali I suppose to get it without taking any leave but my office fellow worker planned some thing else and with a conspiracy with chief around they manipulated my duty schedule and so I was forced to take leave which I was not intended to so you see how life could be…SOme time exiting and some time dull

police friend or foe

truly mentioned at blog truly now days police cant be trusted most of them are worse then the bad guys disguised in cop uniform. they have the power they missuse them and most of them are that way. Justice is difficult in india nowday you have money and power you can do anything I never seen a political person going through court and spending rest of their lives in jail inspite of the gravity of the crime they still are on the political front trying to exploit the public resouces to their benefit and nobody cant do a thing about it. Cops put a blind eye toward them saying that their lives and jobs would be at stake if they touch them. Nowaday you do not get Fir report lodged at the police station without getting harrassed. I lost my mobile and when I approached the police station of INdian railway the inspector told me that you must have dropped it elsewhere and coming here to complain and harass us go away, so I went away and filled a affidavit with the local court and got my work done, I knew I would never see my mobile again but the sim was to be blocked
so i did what was necessary

life is complicated

today had a fuss with my sister boy sis blame me for giveing him away to his father who took him to a relateves house the fuss was because of abusive language which could not tolerate and hence i told him to go away to his father house if he behave that way and he went awey. my mother is ikk and i m not married work in a far away place and sister is the one took care of her mother now she trllsme to arrange to look after your mother your self and she took moneu to take of her

I am spiderman

True i am spiderman of my world i control you cannot challenge the truth what do you know about me nothing so you cannot change it I have some blogs on the web namely and then most of them are free hosted as donot earn a cent from them so why should i bother to host them on a proper host and pay for them it donot make any sense though i pay for the biz site and i intend to keep it that way, atleast to figure out how to make money
on the web and by experience i knew it wont be easy

i am spooked

  1. well now the durga puja is fast approching and its so early this time that there would
  2. be perticularly nothing to do in the november wher there use to be Diwali as i work in government office getting two leave a month is difficult everybody want to go for leave and in indian railway leaves are not granted easily if you are on line worker
  3. My mother just recovered from series illnes spend 30000 rupees in the ice of a private nursing home so i am practically out of money and i am waiting for my bonus from the railway to do some thing
  4. my sister boy left her with his father so sister is kind of upset and wont have much of fun this festival. may be reader would have some cheering up for me this festival